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    Correct order to stop services in a script


      Due to some...um...limits...on the flexibility of the Windows OS patching process here, the monitoring team has to do manual patching every month. The automated patching reboots the servers too fast for the SolarWinds services to cleanly shutdown. I am going to have to script SolarWinds services shutdown so I can automate the patching. Using calls to StopNetPerfMon.exe like this, I will shut down all SolarWinds services and then call shutdown.exe to reboot the system(s):


      StopNetPerfMon -StopService "SolarWindsAlertingEngine"

      StopNetPerfMon -StopService "SolarwindsSyslogService"

      StopNetPerfMon -StopService "SolarWindsTrapService"


      What is the correct order to shutting down the services? Is there one? Is there a CL call like -StopServices "All" (if not, consider this a feature request)?

      Here is what we run on the primary: