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    Adding Nodes / Components to Discovery Ignore List Fails


      We run a scheduled discovery of our network on a daily basis.  We've had an intermittent issue where attempting to add a component to the Discovery Ignore list will fail.   We've already raised the issue with support who basically advised us to delete and recreate the discovery ignore list database.  Whilst this worked for a month, it's raised it's head again.  I've also installed the NPM 11.5.3 HotFix which appeared to work for a week, but the problem has returned.


      It only appears to cause a  problem with network components (loopback, Bluetooth, WFP adapaters etc), but if the adding of those specific components fail, attempting to add any other components on the same node will fail as well.  Attempting to ignore the entire node will be marked as successful, but the node will still be shown as discovered and on the discovery list for importing.


      Have any of you ever seen an issue like this before?  We've only seen it since upgrading to NPM 11.5.3