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    How to present a DEMO ?


      Hi All,


           I need to give a Demo of Patch Manager to customer. could you guys please help me regarding questions what can be asked and the things i should prepare ?


           Any help will be appreciated.



      Ishant Walia

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               I can't speak for your customer, but I can tell you what sold me on Patch Manager. We moved over from IBM's BigFix. The program was hard to use and counter intuitive. When we had an issue, it took six (yes six) weeks to get a response from IBM. I would start right in the Patch Manager UI, demonstrate how easily endpoints can be added to the software and then made into custom groups. The bottom line for me was time. If I could roll patches out in an hour but then spent 8 hours on Monday fixing issues, the product wasn’t worth it. Just demonstrate how to begin an action, highlighting the emailed completion notice. Walk your customer through that, but focus on how much training material is available if they need it. The product really sells itself. It is very similar to WSUS (Obviously), so highlight what the product offers that the competition doesn’t. Mainly ease of use, lower failure rate, and above all, 24/7 tech support. I hope this helps, and good luck!!