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    UDT not returning search results


      Hi all, im having issues with the search facility within UDT. If i enter IP, username / computer partial MAC i get no rsults. See below


      However if i just press search, it returns all the mac addresses but nothing else.


      Any ideas


      Thanks in advance


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          User here - so the search is an exact search.  If you want to see all MACs that begin with 00:, then search for 00:* 


          Unfortunately, i agree with you that the search results leave something to be desired.  If I search by any field, it would be nice if all fields are returned.  Show me the MAC/IP/Node name in the results.  Don't make me click on each one.


          I hope that helps.  The other gotcha I found, was you have to the hit the drop down next to the search to pick what fields you want to search against.  They are all not checked by default.

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            Hi Whammer, i did check the dropdown box and still didn't get any results. Only MAC which is pretty disappointing