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    Question: Newbie training for Solarwinds and SNMP

      Heya everyone. Just started a job at a NOC that uses Solarwinds heavily. I've been going through the training video's (SolarWinds Product Training)  and there is a LOT of power behind this product, and I'm excited to get my hands in and learn. Our NOC Engineer has a lot of experience (he has the Solarwinds certification) and uses "MIB Browser" alongside Solarwinds to do his configurations statically. There is a lot of new information.


      Here's my question: Are there any hands on labs for Solarwind's or training labs for using SNMP more effectively? I'd like to get some "hands-on" without breaking anything, lol. I'm getting training from our engineer, but there isn't much that I can touch....yet.


      Thanks for the help.