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    Mobile Buildings Hardware Monitoring


      Hi there,


      We have 4 mobile buildings that are connected via wireless bridges. We would like to gather information just like any other hardware, but these buildings disconnect power and are able to move around the area.


      I would like to keep them managed, but the alerts will drive me insane! Is there an easier way to set up alerts with equipment that will frequently be turned off, but still allow us to gather polling information?



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          I like the idea behind this setup gotta think outside of the box!


          For the devices being monitored in those buildings, I would use one or multiple nodes custom properties in order to have custom alarms or tweak them (ie: do not warn me for this alert if "is_mobile" custom property is True and outside of business hours.)


          If you have rules that might change frequently, I would copy your alarm rules, modify the actual rules to not activate on "is_mobile" is true, and only activate the copied rules you want, with a filter to act only if "is_mobile" is true.


          Hope this helps