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    Adding SNMP (& other) entries to Orion.Credential via the OrionSDK (or to the DB)


      I've seen a few places tdanner mention it's not possible to add entries to `Orion.Credential` via the API, has anyone come up with a work around? I'm currently wondering if it'll be either possible to turn up all the nodes in a new platform via automation or more likely use case is having our CMDB generate a new random SNMP community and using it while importing new nodes.


      I see this as key feature for allowing secure automation of adding nodes to Orion, how can we get this often requested feature added? You can use any old string when calling create on Orion.Nodes. However this way many things don't work (like discovering volumes), and folks are sent in the direction of Discovery.


      Even it it's just a mass DB insert that we can keep a list spares in our CMDB and assign as required that would do.