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    status LED in a custom report


      BACKGROUND: I'm trying to craft a view for our operations folks and provide them with an overall status of unmanaged "elements"  One view I'm trying to create is one that shows unmanaged network interfaces that have not been unmanaged at the node level.  This can be achieved by looking at the Unmanaged binary field in the interfaces table and ensuring the unmanagedfrom or unmanageduntil fields are NOT NULL.


      WHAT I'VE TRIED: I have created a custom table resource that does the above but also grabs the statusLED GIF that is associated with the object but I can't get it to actually display the gif on the web.  I've tried different options in the table layout for the GIF columns like "Event Icon" but they don't seem to process




      QUESTION: Does anyone know how to display the GIF that is associated with an element's STATUS in a custom table resource?