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    Scan Jobs Vs Node Placement


      We have a large environment, with element counts constantly changing.  When load balancing our element count I try to keep my pollers associated with the nodes in their Network Sonar Discovery jobs.  Is there any significant positive or negative impact in having pollers scan networks in which they don't have any nodes ?  I would love to load balance elements without worrying about the Network Scan jobs.


      As an example poller 1 scans in the network.  Poller 1 has devices that are not in network.  Poller 2 polls devices in the network.


      Will poller 1 or poller 2 run into any issues ?

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          Rob Stidman

          Just talked on the phone with Nick about this... I don't anticipate any issues.  The discoveries will just disregard any irrelevant information... beyond network overhead there shouldn't be anything to worry about.


          But as always, open a support case if you do suspect an issue and we'll be happy to mull it over.