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    Adding a Node


      Hi Guys,


      I am having trouble finding a Node after I add it using the NPM node management screen.


      The Node is added successfully as is the initial test. However the Node will not appear in the Node Management screen when I search by IP address and I cannot add it the a group

      If I try to re-add the Node again I get the following message



      When I select view Node detail I get the following error message




      I am not sure why I don't have permission to view the Node here as I am in the admin account, anyone have any suggestions here?

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          Check unknown and or try and search by hostname instead of ip. The device might have multiple ip's.

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            I would suggest, just check the access part for the admin account. If full rights are there then you showed not get that error.

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              Are you getting this error on one specific node or all nodes?

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                Are you getting this error on one specific node or all nodes?

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                  Look in your Database Manager at the Nodes table, and see if the Node is in place there.


                     * ref the last added node for that Node ID, then query your DB


                  SELECT TOP 1500 * FROM [dbo].[Nodes]   ( I changed mine to 1500 so I could see the last nodeID)

                  where vendor = 'X'


                  (     OR  - not a condition -  filter on Vendor or Node ID    )


                  SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Nodes]

                  where nodeid > NodeID of Said Node rounded down to the nearest 1000 or 100 (or any other round number)



                  *basically you want to see to the end of your node list to see the last few nodes in the DB.

                  *The error message you supply indicates there is a reference of this in the DB somewhere...I would be in a 'gotta find it and edit, or remove and re-add' mode.



                  End Game :

                  If you find nothing open a support case.

                  If your unable to adjust some custom properties or other sorting fields in the DB try deleting the line... and if neither work - Ticket

                    * If sorting value does take, then search again off that new sort option for the node in Management - see if it comes up.....



                  Let us know how you do please!

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                    Judging from the error, you do not have rights to view where that node resides. Its clearly added in since the error has already referenced you a node ID, try to logout and try logging in using the default "admin" account without password and try searching for the IP again. You should be able to see, after that, double-check your account permission.

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