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    UDT not showing IP address on port of switch




      we have upgraded UDT to newest version, but now when I click on switch for example, and then go to port details, I can see MAC addresses of devices connected to switch, but no IP addresses.

      To be exact, I can see IP addresses from devices (ports) in vlan 130, but don't see those that are in vlan 70, as you can see from the picture I am attaching.

      I don't know if I was able to see those IP addresses before, customer who uses the system also does not remember, but we should still determine why we can see MAC and IP address for vlan 130, and for vlan 70 we just see MAC addresses.


      Can you tell me what could be the problem with this? Is there something in Solarwinds NPM / NCM or UDT that needs to be configured, or is this something wrong with L3 devices configuration in the network?


      How to solve this issue?


      Best regards,


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          UDT seems to work in conjuction with IPAM to produce the best results. I found that when we installed it here the subnets that were already in IPAM populated immediately, while others that were not in IPAM did not.

          If that does not work make sure you are using context properly in your SNMP configurations.

          for example

          snmp-server group Test v3 auth context vlan-101 read TestView-All write TestView-All access SNMP-ALLOW

          You need to ensure that if you using specific context in snmp as above that you have statements for each vlan in use on the switch. Otherwise just use blacket statments insted of specific ones.

          Hope this helps

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            I had the exact same problem after running all my upgrades.  Support said i need to go to all my Layer 3 devices and turn on Layer 3 polling.  I have attached a screenshot on what i "turned on"


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              Craig Norborg

              The UDT product is fairly basic.   It downloads various information from different places and provides an easy way to cross reference it.


              From switches, it downloads the MAC-Address Tables - which gets it the MAC Addresses.

              From routers, it downloads the ARP table, which gives it the ability to cross reference a given MAC Address to an IP address.

              From domain-controllers it downloads logfiles which have the usernames of folks logging in and what IP address they logged into.


              So, if you're getting MAC addresses, but not IP addresses, that means there is a problem downloading the ARP tables from the router.   Enabling Layer-3 polling on a device that only has MAC address tables will get you nothing much.   You need to enable Layer-3 polling on the device that has the ARP table for that layer-2 subnet.  This might be a layer-3 switch, or a router, or maybe even a firewall.   Figure out what device that is, manage it in UDT and download the Layer-3 polling on that device.  Should work...   Odds are you didn't manage it in UDT...

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                  Thanks Craig, Good simplified explanation.

                  I used this to resolve my issue.  My core switches do layer 3 routing and I found that two of the six core switches (three sites) did not have "layer 3 polling" enabled.


                  I guess it important that all understand that not all switches do layer 3 routing, and to see the MAC to IP info on a layer 3 switch you can execute "show ip arp" on the switch.  Most networks will do layer 3 routing on there core switches where the client default gateways reside or on firewalls.  So once you have the correct components (Mac address to port "show mac address-table", from all your switches), (MAC address to IP "show ip arp", from layer 3 router switch), and (IP to device name from your DNS), UDT has all it needs.


                  So thanks again for the simple breakdown, it helped me with the thought process to work through my problem.



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                  You can always use the UDT compatiblity checker to verify if your Layer 3 Devices contains the IP Address you are missing.


                  Run UDTCompatibilityChecker.exe from here:

                  C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\UDT


                  1) Click New and enter any session name (eg, test), using “Orion Node” as the source. Enter login credentials for the web console (it uses SWIS)

                  2) Select the Node, and select the type of tests to complete against this node:

                  - SNMP and ICMP if there is an issue with collecting L2, L3 or discovery data (no MAC address-es or IP Addresses for endpoints)

                  - WMI to test access to Domain controllers for User Logins

                  3) Select the UDT test jobs to run: Discovery | Layer 2 | Layer 3| DNS | Users

                  Note: Some of these options will be greyed out depending on the selection on the previous screen.

                  4) Save -> Current Sessions into File

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                    I have the same problem getting IP and or DNS info displayed

                    The thing I find strange is that sometimes the info does show. but only about 10% of the time.

                    But before someone asks about possible differences in client configurations all of our desktops are managed through group policies and built using Microsoft System Center.


                    Also, although we do have some of the IDF switches separated from Solarwinds by a firewall or Layer3 that's not the case for all of them. I have the same problem with switches in the same network segment as the Solarwinds server.


                    All of the switches are Cisco 2960s or 2960x with recent firmware.


                    One last point.

                    From the Solarwinds server and from the IDF switch I can resolve the needed info, it just doesn't display in Solarwinds

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                        Craig Norborg

                        There are some DNS settings in UDT, if you go to UDT settings under "Advanced Settings", you'll see a timeout for DNS jobs, you might need to move that upward. 


                        Depending on how much devices move about on your network, you might want to adjust the DNS Cache Positive TTL (for this one if things don't change much, you can move it upward, if devices change IP all the time, you could make it shorter.


                        You might also want to check and see if your DNS or firewall/loadbalancer folks have any sort of rate limiting applied as a firewall rule if your DNS server is on the other side of said firewall?   I know its pretty common on some of the firewalls I've worked on, not to mention loadbalancers like F5's or ACE modules.    If so, get the poller added as an exemption to the rule.


                        If not any of these, might try contacting support!