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    User does not have administrative rights (Administrator rights are not available)


      As you can see in the log all is ok except the "user rights". What means this. I'm running the program with "Administrative rights" since i open the session with th user "Administrator".


      Can you help me with this?



      # Solarwinds® Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent

      # 04/05/2016

      Machine state

        User rights:                                       User does not have administrative rights (Administrator rights are not available)

        Update service status:                             Running

        Background Intelligent Transfer service status:    Running

        OS Version:                                        Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard  Service Pack 1

        Windows update agent version:                      7.6.7601.19161 (WU Agent is OK)

      Windows Update Agent configuration settings

        Automatic Update:                                  Enabled

        Options:                                           Scheduled (Every day at  15:00)

        Use WSUS Server:                                   Enabled

        Windows Update Server:                             http://wsus-ad

        Windows Update Status Server:                      http://wsus-ad

        WSUS URLs are identical:                           Identical

        WSUS URL is valid:                                 Valid URL

      WSUS Server Connectivity

        clientwebservice/client.asmx:                      OK

        simpleauthwebservice/simpleauth.asmx:              OK

        content:                                           OK

        selfupdate/iuident.cab:                            OK

        iuident.cab:                                       OK