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    Anyone heard of Dell foglight?


      I got an email from one of my coworkers with this attached Dell Foglight optimizes storage 96 times faster than SolarWinds* Just wondering if anyone has tried foglight and SW virtualization manager? I haven't tried either but the SW virtualization manager had been a idea in the back of my mind for some time

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          We owned Foglight a few years ago when it was still with Quest, we didn't like the support, and it didn't do anything that everybody else did. We own Virtualization Manager, NPM, SAM, Storage Manager, DPA, and a few others. Being able to tie the data together has real value, even if any specific thing can be found somewhere else. That said, I think the features VMan has covers everything we need.


          Edit: Also, I didn't mention storage. First anytime they pay for a study, its going to be a narrow focus on a thing they just built. Trust no one. But its true that some storage features might be located outside of VMan, and in Storage Manager. Its just how the suite is set up. Also, there's a bunch of automation inside of all solarwinds products that will get beefed up with the next round of udpates. I think the take away is that I don't feel the need to jump ship if one group has one thing that another doesn't. Its a fast changing market and all the products get new features quickly.


          That said if you want to talk shop about VM's and storage let me know. Today we have moved to almost all flash storage (Pure for servers, cards for VDI) but We have used many different things over time. Storage optimization, aka using what you have smartly, makes sense but its different for each type of storage you have.  PM me is you want to talk specifics or if you have questions