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    Remove Filtered View from NTA Menu Bar


      Using Flow Navigator I added a Filtered View to the menu bar.  Now I want to remove it from the menu bar and can't seem to figure out how.  What am I missing?

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          1. Login to your web console with Admin rights

          2. Go to Settings (upper right) >> Go to User Accounts >> Manage Accounts

          3. Look for the Account that uses that Menu bar - that has that NTA filtered created.

          4. Hit Edit >> Look for Default Menu Bar and View Section >> Remember the name of the menu bar that is set on Netflow Tab Menu bar.

          5. Click the hyperlinked "Customize Menu Bar"

          6. Look for that Menu bar that Netflow is using >> click Edit

          7. On the Right part >> it will show the menu that are set >> Click the x to delete it then Submit.

          8. Then log out >> log back in to that account >> that should remove it.



          hope that helps.