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    Having Trouble Getting Top Talkers Working


      New Solarwinds user here. I am having trouble getting top talkers working in NPM 11.5.2. I have enabled SNMP on all devices but they do not show any data. It has been 24 hours since my test run of two different locations. I have been able to reach two computers only. WMI method works fine but obviously that does not measure bandwidth. I have scanned two different network locations around the Tri-state area and was only able to see two computers through snmp polling method out of 117 computers. This is after I used solarwinds SNMP Enabler to get these locations configured for SNMP. I thought that would work and it did turn on SNMP on the various devices. I just can't seem to poll bandwidth data. Firewalls are turned off on these computers as well. Any help would be appreciated.