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    customization = own page via npm




      is it possible to customize the navigation bar on top of NPM and add your own link, something like 'myPage'?


      I would like to display the link, that then opens a custom page as part or the solarwinds server, with my own ASPX code.

      - query some information from the orion user table to confirm access and get ID

      - query a different database and display the result as table.


      My ASPX is limited, but I'm sure, I can manage the web page, the question is:


      how do I get the link in the navigation bar

      and infuse my own page into the Orion webserver



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          Yes, you can put your own link on the top bar in NPM.


          Simply create a new View, put in the links or script you want it to display, and then customize your Menu Bar by discovering the view and dragging it over to the place in the Menu Bar column that corresponds to the location on the bar you want it to show.


          I've done this with links to weather radar, custom WAN and Interface charts, local electric company power outage maps, and more.


          I don't know how it'll handle custom queries and ASPX, but Orion is mighty flexible and powerful.  I bet you'll get it to work.


          Message me if you can't find how to create a new View, or how to install it on your Menu Bar.


          Remember, you can search Thwack for just about anything you want to do.  Either it's in the online manuals, or someone has probably already asked the question and had someone else document a good answer for it.


          I searched Thwack for "Edit Menu Bar" and found many hits--this one probably will be useful to you for your current task:


          Adding Custom View to Orion "  Menu Bar " (Shortcut)


          Swift Packets!


          Rick Schroeder

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              Thank you for the answer Rick,


              I'm looking more for the ASPX child page, including the mastersheet reference and the underlying c# code, containing the session prototype - so that I have the Orion-Auth header and can get the user-record.


              I want to use this identifier then to pull data from our ticket system - open calls & status

              And have a "button": submit fault (call ticket web service, using Orion user-record data, to submit new ticket)


              Hope, that makes sense?

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                  Yes, that makes sense.  It's beyond my abilities to provide, though--my apologies.  Open a case with Tech Support, but leave this thread going.  Maybe another Thwack user has already done what you want, and will share it.


                  On that same topic, remember to search Thwack for what you want--if you haven't already done so.  It might be already in another thread with the answer that works for you.