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    Saved Host List (mrccv2) is blank


      Our team uses Dameware (v12) to connect to several different computers.  Occasionally, a PC will be added or removed from the list.  When this happens, one of us usually updates our saved host list, saves the file, and copies the MRCCv2.db file to a shared location, where everyone else on the team downloads it to their PC, puts it in the appropriate directory, and it works.


      However, with the most recent update, 2 members of my team have said that their "Saved Host" list is blank, despite copying down the new MRCCv2 file and making sure it's in the proper place.  Other people have downloaded the file and it's working without issue.  We've compared settings between someone who has the issue, and someone who doesn't, and everything looks the same.  Has anyone encountered this before, and how did you solve for it?