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    Can we run fail over ourselves without needing the SolarWinds Failover Application?


      We have been planning and preparing for setting up our SolarWinds Failover engine installation. We have our primary SolarWinds server as well as our secondary server setup and ready to go. We built each of these individually but have ensured they are identical in terms of applications, system date/time, automatic windows updates turned off, etc. We then setup log shipping between the 2 database instances.  Now, we are ready to move onto the actually installation and configuration of the Failover engine application.  Before we do that, however, we thought it's worth considering whether we even need to use this application.  Can we do this fail over manually without the SW FoE application?


      We did a basic test already where we ensured the log shipping was pulling the data from the primary server's db instance into the secondary db instance and we see the exact same data in our secondary server that was polled from the primary server.  Can we move to production like this and rely on the idea that we will manually update DNS registry entries in the event of a fail over and do this without the FoE application? Thanks.