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    List of Event_Type codes


      Hi All,


      In report writer there is a column for Event_Type and I have been trying to find a list as to what those codes all correspond to. I can probably figure it out based on the message but I was hoping for an official list I could provide to the report requester. Any idea where such a list would be?



      Event TimeNodeEvent_TypeMessage
      23:59:00 ttYYPH03WS309BCAA507Component "File Age Monitor" for application "Epic BCA & File Monitor" on node "YYPH03WS309BCAA" is in an unknown state
      23:59:00 ttYYPH03WS309BCAA505Application "Epic BCA & File Monitor" on node "YYPH03WS309BCAA" is in an unknown state
      23:45:00 ttn1qr0400recbcaa.ynhh.org100IP address of n1qr0400recbcaa.ynhh.org changed from to
        • Re: List of Event_Type codes

          Sure thing.


          There's actually a table in the database called dbo.EventTypes that enumerates this data for you:


          SELECT EventType, Name FROM dbo.EventTypes


          You can also tie the enumerated name into event reports as such:


          CONVERT(CHAR(24),e.EventTime,113) 'Event Time'
          ,n.Caption 'Node'
          ,t.Name 'Event Type'
          FROM dbo.Events e
          JOIN dbo.EventTypes t ON e.EventType = t.EventType
          JOIN NodesData n ON n.NodeID = e.NetworkNode
          --You could optionally add limitations here as well such as:
          --Only events in the last 1 day
          --WHERE e.EventTime > (GetDate()-1)
          --Only Node Down and Node Up Events
          --WHERE e.EventType IN ('1','5')
          --Lastly, we sort by the newest events first
          ORDER BY e.EventTime DESC



          Which would look like this:






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