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    Department custom fields integration with other data within WHD



      • We are using the Department field within "Locations & Departments" and populating with values of our Department Names like "CALS/ADMIN SVCS/BUS SVCS" and "CALS/ADMIN SVCS/HUMAN RES".
      • In addition to the Name of the department, we would like to add some additional information about it, such as an department identifying code and would like to use Department Custom Fields to do this.   Adding a custom field will assist us in querying for data.
      • We have enabled "Use Departments" within "Setup > Location & Departments > Options" AND created a "Department Custom Fields" called DeptID.



      1. When creating custom department fields, how does WHD tie department custom fields to other data within WHD? For instance, can department custom fields reference a client or do they reference a ticket, assets? How and where does WHD expect departments custom fields to be used?
      2. Are we better off creating a custom field in the Client or Asset to tie it to a department identifier called DeptID?


      Thank you