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    How is latency calculated for Equallogic array


      This seems like a dumb question but...

      It took me a while to figure out why I had LUNs in a warning state when all the "total" counters seemed to be well below thresholds.


      What I found is that I am consistently seeing things like:

      • Total Latency = 3ms
      • Read Latency = 11ms (over threshold)
      • Write Latency < 1ms



      So... is the total latency an average of some kind, or do I need to open a support ticket with Dell and/or Solarwinds?




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          Lubomir Krausko


          about the computation of the Total Latency I have already written an answer into some other thread here, so you can review following:Re: meaning of "other " latency


          In general, if there is a LUN that reports Read latency very big and Write latency small, the Total latency cannot be the max value, and also it cannot be summary of those two. It should be some value that informs end user about how the LUN responds based on the R and W latency but also I/O must be taken in account here. The Total latency here means "kind of" weighted average of metrics (Read, Write) where it takes the particular latency metrics the device reports and as a weight is used the Total I/O operations. Not saying it is exactly weighted average, the formula is more complicated, but it can be very close to it and can be used for illustration.