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    How can I get the SQL query underlying a SWIS data object?


      The various SWIS data objects (e.g. Orion.Nodes, Orion.APM.Application, Orion.TechnologyPollingAssignments) appear to be based on views in the SolarwindsOrion database. Sometimes I need to query the Solarwinds database without using SWIS, so I need to write a T-SQL query that returns the same data as a SWQL query. I can often identify the database table or view that corresponds to the SWIS object (e.g. the view dbo.Nodes corresponds to Orion.Nodes). I can't always, though. For example, I can't find the view or table that corresponds to Orion.TechnologyPollingAssignments.


      Is there a table or view that I can query in order to find out how a SWIS object is mapped to the database?