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    Unknown Traffic Events (is receiving flow data from unmanaged interface)


      I have notifications filling up my alert page and would like them to go away. It's from a firewall.


      "receiving flow data from unmanaged interface"   "does not support SNMP"


      4/27/2016 8:52 AMEventImgNetFlow Receiver Service [NETFLOW] is receiving flow data from unmanaged interface '#23' on FIREWALL and it does not support SNMP. Click the "Add this interface" to manage interface and process its flow data.


      I have found some questions and fixes for this in the forums, such as:

           adding snmp-server ifindex persist to the device

      Altering config on the device is not an option for me in this case.


      The device is managed and shows correctly in NPM collecting stats for it.

      I do not have a resources tab.

      I do not have any NTA data.


      1. I can't use a fix on the device, I would like to find a fix/workaround in SolarWinds.

      2. I can't access the config, but curious - for this error to show does it need to be exporting flow to the IP of my SW server?