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    Kaspersky Endpoint 10


      I am trying to get LEM to monitor our Kaspersky administration server.


      I have the Kaspersky Administration Kit connector enabled on the node that is our Kaspersky Administration server. I am not sure if I have it setup correctly though because I am not seeing any events from the connector. I also read that WMI is another way to go besides using this Kaspersky Administration Kit connector. How would one go about configuring WMI? (if it is the better option)


      I came across this article Kaspersky Security Center Antivirus  which has a template to download. How do you install the template?


      Thanks for any help in advanced.

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          LEM cannot collect logs via WMI & the template mentioned above is a Server & Application Monitor template. SAM can monitor your Kaspersky server via WMI & can monitor services, processes, TCP port availability, etc.


          LEM can collect logs from your Kaspersky server. The LEM connector is applied to the agent & connects to your Kaspersky database to collect the logs. Have up you configured the connector correctly in terms of database instance name, port, username/password, etc?