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    Juniper QFX5100 NTA issues


      Anyone have any issues with Juniper QFX 5100 switches reporting into NTA...it looks like it may be a OS version on the switch causing the issue...any insight would be great


      We have other QFX5100s reporting, but they are at the lower version (13.x)


      Model: qfx5100-24q-aa

      Junos: 14.1X53-D27.3

      JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Base OS boot [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Online Documentation [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (qfx-ex-x86-32) [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Routing Software Suite [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Enterprise Software Suite [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS py-base-i386 [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS py-extensions-i386 [14.1X53-D27.3]

      JUNOS Host Software [14.1X53-D27.3]

      Junos for Automation Enhancement