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    Using Meraki Wireless devices? What info would you want to see in NPM?


      Hi, I’m on the User Experience team at SolarWinds and I'm trying to learn more about what information users would want to see for Meraki devices.


      If you currently use Meraki wireless devices:

      • What type of information would you want to see in NPM?
      • Is there anything different you would expect to see for Meraki devices compared to what you currently see for your other wireless devices?
        • There are some fundamental differences in the way Meraki devices work vs other wireless devices. How do you think that would affect what you would see in NPM?


      Please respond in the comments below and thanks in advance for your help!

      Disclaimer: This is something that we're looking into, but we can’t make any promises or guarantees that this functionality will ship with the next version of SolarWinds or any other.