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    scrolling between Tabs in NOC


      Hey there,


      On this moment i am trying to create the following:

      I have a NOC view that is displaying the overview that i want.

      But we also have a second monitoringprogram running that i want to show.

      I can define the external site and put it in the Tab so users can click on it to display it.


      For Scrolling i enabled the left navigation and can create a second tab.

      But i would like to know if it is possible to show the external site there on the second tab.


      In short: i want to see the solarwinds page and our other external site.


      Does anyone has an idea how to do this?




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          I don't have specifics as every site's needs and abilities are different, but you can use an HTML frame (the resource is called Custom HTML in Orion) and try to load the site into that frame, and just set the length and width to take up the entire "Second page" of your NOC view. It'll certainly be a pain to get working but if you can make that page load in an IFrame or similar, you should be able to do this.


          Nathan Hejnicki

          Loop1 Systems

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            You need to be more specific. Do you have an ape, aws? You need to specify your solarwinds environement.

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              After creating the part with the Iframe it works.



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                I do this all the time for lots of different resources.  After adding the new tab, add a 'custom html' resource to the page and set the desired width of the column.  Then, inside the custom html resource, add  your iframe HTML.  From my experience, it works best to set the width and height of the external resource, and I usually trim the top space using negative margins.  See below:


                <div style="width:1115px; height:4000px; overflow: hidden;">

                <iframe src="http://example/External.aspx?Site=25" style="width:1100px; height:4000px; position:relative; margin-top:-120px;"></iframe>


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