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    Help - Graphing the Five Nines (5 9's) of Availability


      I am looking for a way to graph the availability of my network.  Using the average availability report, I was able to modify it slightly to report on the average availability in three categories of Network, Servers, and Voice (See Screenshot_5 attached).  In order to get these categories I created a Custom Property for each node.  Now that I have this report, I need a way to graph these numbers as part of a scheduled report.


      In the process of trying to get a graph to work, I have run into two problems:

      1. How do I get the graph to plot just three lines, one for each category of the custom property and not a line for each node?
      2. When plotting the lines for each category, they will appear as straight stacked lines on top of each other because the scaling of the Y axis on the graph is too large to show the slight deviations in percentages.


      Screenshot_6 attached shows a graph from Excel to get a rough idea of what I am trying to accomplish.  Anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here?