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    Latency Alerts


      One of the most critical items is latency on the WAN. Is it possible to get an alert on response time? Any time Latency goes over 180ms for more than X minutes to send an alert.

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          There is a couple of ways that SolarWinds can't help, but not with NPM on it's own. If you're looking at network quality, then take a look at SolarWinds at VoIP and Network Quality Manager with this product you can setup IPSLA operations between your sites to specifically warn on issues with your WAN.


          You could also use Web Performance Monitor to check access to internal resources across your WAN. For instance, if you have a central Sharepoint server hosted at HQ, you could use WPM to check access to this resource from your various sites, by setting up a WPM player at each remote site, and configuring these to play back a connection to the Sharepoint from these sites.

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            If you have a remote node you can use the responsetime for the node to generate an alert.

            If you define the alert using the baseline parameters you can cope with the usual variability on a link, and then only generating alerts when they go out of a range:


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              I've also noticed that in SAM that in the component monitors there are latency monitors- in this case i've seen them in relation to Skype for business.

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                Very easy one. Create a new alert  and name appropriately. On the next screen, select interface instead of node. Under the condition, select instance where it says select field, then select your interfaces from object selection that appears. Hit + below that for the AND condition. under select field, search all fields and then search for response. Select response time and then input your value in ms. finish your alert, job done.

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