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    Patch Manager Counts Are Off


      I've got the situation where Patch Manager is telling me that my systems need patches (various counts for various machines), but upon further review (manually doing a 'Windows Update' on the machines in question) we find that the machines don't actually need any patches.


      I'm calculating approval summaries and neither the Needed or Needed (Approved) numbers are correct.  During our patch weekends I run hourly WSUS inventories and periodic reports so that we're as close as we can be to Truth, but unfortunately it appears we can't get there from here.  Has anyone seen this type of behavior before, and does anyone have any suggestions?  This has been happening for some time now, and it's getting very old indeed.  Support tickets haven't helped, and we've begun looking at other solutions that might get machines patched more quickly, and (especially) with better stats.


      Is there anything to be done to get this corrected?  Any Thoughts?



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          Have you schedules inventories on your devices?

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            The stats are not live unless you go into computer explorer for each one and check the update status.  The results are only accurate as of the last Detect Now/Report Now. If you dont have detect and report scheduled tasks then you wont get updated stats and youll have to go to a computer/target group and do a detect now to get updated.  Running a detect now will cause computers that need updates to start the download so if you dont want things downloading be careful when you set those tasks up for.  I do one in the morning and one in the afternoon every day.

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