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    Report - Availability for past month, against previous and yearly


      Good afternoon everyone.


      We are just in the final process of setting up Solarwinds, and after creating an executive level dashboard i have been asked to create a monthly report based upon server availability for our core services.

      What they would like to see is a chart for lets say the availability of the group of servers that make up our Lync service, showing the monthly availability as a data item, the month befores availability and the average availability in the last year.


      I can see where i can grab groups against a single data item, but cant see how to pull say a bar chart showing a service with the 3 bars next to each other showing the groups 3 data periods.   If anyone has an tips or knows of a good video that would cover this level of charting i would appreciate, i have the option of just exporting the data and getting Excel to do it but would love to run it all from the report manager.


      Many thanks