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    What is the enum for DiscoveryProgress?




      I'm trying to catch the status of my node discovery, but I don't know what to test for.  My motivation for catching is that discovery has stopped working for me right now (directly through the web UI as well, so that's something else to figure out), and therefore all I see is the discovery is "InProgress".  It would be helpful to know what other states a request could be in.  Is it documented somewhere?  I'm not finding details in the Schema documentation, SWQL Studio, Thwack, GitHub Wiki, Bing, Google, etc.  (Maybe I should try AOL search )


      Here's a snippet of what I'm trying to do.  Obviously this is an endless loop I need to close, but haven't bothered yet since I'm stepping through it still at this point.


      $NewNodeDiscovery = Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "Orion.Discovery" "StartDiscovery" @($startDiscoveryParam)



      $NewNodeDiscoveryProgress = Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "Orion.Discovery" "GetDiscoveryProgress" @($NewNodeDiscovery.'#text')


      [xml]$DiscoveryStatusXML = $NewNodeDiscoveryProgress.'#text'

      $DiscoveryStatus = $DiscoveryStatusXML.GetElementsByTagName("Status").Status


      While($DiscoveryStatus -ne "Complete"# I don't know what the Status enum is



      Grateful for any input/feedback/advice


      Thanks, Dana