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    Configuration Wizard failing after database move. NPM V11.5.3



      migrated database to other server now getting a fun error message which i have linked to configuration wizard querying the SQL incidence and asking it name of it then appending it to the string (entry point to the SQL server) because of this the entry point it is incorrect so the below message is happening



      Entity Framework causing Configuration Wizard to fail


      error message:


      Unable to complete the Configuration Wizard process and the following error occurs:

      Database configuration failed:

      Exception while configuring plugin Orion Core Services component Orion Database. An error occurred while getting provider information from the database. This can be caused by Entity Framework using an incorrect connection string. Check the inner exceptions for details and ensure that the connection string is correct.




      Correct SQL server name

      Correct usernames and passwords
      Nothing blocked between the Poler and the SQL server via Firewall

      Have attempted the following link did not go well Entity Framework causing Configuration Wizard to fail - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support




      HELP please