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    Custom Properties with multiple entries?


      Hey thwack -


      tl;dr -> Can I make custom properties a list that is appended to?


      Fairly new Solarwinds admin, but I'm completely rebuilding our inherited environment and trying to reduce 2 things:  noise, and manual maintenance.


      Noise is coming along nice, but building my custom properties takes some serious ponderin'


      Short version:

           I've parsed all the VIP rules from my firewall, and have them being added a custom property->  So, external IP of on the node or whatever.

      Then, if the external IP exists, add it to "Public facing" group etc. and utilize my alerting, escalation that is associated with that.


      However.  I have a number of systems that are DNS balanced externally:  So, there are multiple DNS entries - and its not a concrete number. 


      I'd love to just keep adding if they exist, and removing them if they don't match on the import.




      Value-added questions:

           Can I get the who for a Status=Unmanaged change info as a variable to put in an alert?  I can't find it - and lots of old questions on the topic, but nothing new.  Apparently it was added in 10.X I just can't find it.

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          I assume you are talking about appending within a custom property...

          if you are decent at SQL, you can do these things. 

          if you can feed info to SQL, you can just add like (### Disclaimer: Always B/U your DB and test thoroughly before updating your DB directly ### not supported):


          update <CustomPropertiesTable>

          SET <CPName>=<CPName>+'<, new information>'

          WHERE ...


          the who unmanaged would also be a sql statement within the alert...it looks something like:

          ${SQL:Select <IDColumn> FROM <audit table> where nodeid=${NodeID} and <eventtype> like 'Unmanaged'}


          these are just starting points...I obviously didn't dig through the DB tables to get real columns/statements.FYI