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    Dashboard Trend/Top-N with custom attribute


      I'm new to virtualization manager, so my apologies up front.


      I'm wanting to create widget on a dashboard that does a calculation of two attributes together.


      Specifically, I want to report showing the top VM's that have the highest Throughput per Used Capacity. (IE "/virtualMachine/totalThroughputUtilization/week"  / "/virtualMachine/totalStorageSizeUsed")  How do I go about doing that? i would perfer the 'Top-N' approach as that looks most appropriate.


      Thanks for any help ahead of time.

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          Hello, when you add columns into the Top-N widget you can use your own xPath expressions in "Field" box. So your widget can look like that:


          The xPath expression is:

          /virtualMachine/totalThroughputUtilization/week/text() * 1024 div /virtualMachine/totalStorageSizeUsed/text()


          Keep in mind that due to different units of the attributes (totalThroughputUtilization [kB/s] vs. totalStorageSizeUsed [B]) it's necessary to multiple ThroughputUtilization by 1024.


          You can see various xPath expressions in "VM CPU Underallocated" Top-N widget ("VM Sprawl" dashboard) or "Predicted VM Disk Depletion" Top-N widget ("Storage" dashboard).


          Should you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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