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    Change Orion main poller IP in VMAN


      I have VMAN integrated into my Orion install and I noticed something today. My Orion server has two NICs in it, one of which is a private NIC that connects to my Orion DB virtual machine. The other NIC is outward-facing and is the NIC that is used for connecting to the Orion front-end, polling all nodes, etc. For some reason, my VMAN is attempting to send data to my Orion server via the private NIC, probably because Orion has the private IP configured as the main poller IP in the database. Can I change this IP in VMAN somewhere so it stops trying to connect to Orion over an IP that isn't even reachable from anywhere except the Orion server itself?


      FYI, I've made sure that my network adapter bindings are correct, in that my public-facing NIC is at the top of the binding list. This doesn't seem to affect the Orion's choosing of which IP to store in the database as the main one to use for the poller.

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          Hi, you can try the following workaround:


          1. Backup and edit SolarWinds.VIM.BusinessLayer.dll.config (by default in: c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\VIM\)
          2. In the appSettings section find SyncWizardResolvePollerByHostname setting and change its value to true.
          3. Restart the Orion Module Engine service
          4. Re-run synchronization wizard (Settings -> Virtualization Settings -> Run Synchronization Wizard)


          This will force the integration to use hostname instead of IP. Because of that you will probably need to also edit /etc/hosts file on the appliance so that VMan is able to properly resolve the hostname to correct IP.