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    AD Group Integration Problems


      This is more of a PSA than anything - I ran into a problem with AD groups in solarwinds.  We've had an "operations" group that's been configured in solarwinds for quite some time but we only recently populated the group with domain users.  We then told the users they could login only when they tried every single person was getting access denied.  We left this overnight to avoid AD replication issues but the results were the same next day.  I went through every permission on the group in solarwinds and couldn't find anything that would prevent them from logging in.  So I blew the group away, re-added, reset solarwinds permissions a voila it worked.


      Has anyone else had this problem before?  Is there a way to tell solarwinds to refresh its connection to AD?

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          I've just come across the exact same issue. AD group was created then added to Solarwinds prior to populating it with users. After adding users non of them were able to log in. I searched Thwack and found this post and did the same as you Ryan. Recreated the AD group in Solarwinds and all then worked as normal. This does lead me to think, what if we now want to add new users to the AD group. Will Solarwinds not pick them up? I'll do some testing to confirm and update this reply accordingly.



          Removing a user from one AD group and adding to another AD group seems to update their Solarwinds permissions correctly. So it only seems that Solarwinds doesn't like it when you create an empty AD group, add the group in Solarwinds, then add users to the AD group.

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            Matt Shaw

            I've had that issue when there were defunct account limitations applied to the group.  As in, groups of groups limitation had a reference to an old/deleted group.  When you delete a group it doesn't clean up after itself with regards to view limitations.