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    Network Discovery Issues in large environment


      I'm trying to discover my network in for use with NPM,NCM & UDT, but I have a few questions.  I started by adding a discovery with a host list of known devices that I had, but I knew the list was old and missing a few hundred devices.  After my initial discovery I ran into continual issues trying to import the 1800 devices that were found.  I ended up having to import about 300 at a time.  Next I setup a scan that scanned several /16's that we use.  After discovering about 3000 nodes, which is actually more than what I probably have as Cisco Prime that we're replacing only shows about 2200 devices, Solarwinds hangs, then says discovery stopped due to timeout.


      1.  Do others with large environments have issues with large scans/imports?

      2.  If so how do you get around this?

      3.  Is there an auto import feature?  I really don't want to have to manually import changes every day.

      4.  If I don't check "interface down" does that mean UDT won't discover devices on this port should it come active later?  Or will UDT only capture devices on scheduled scans?



      Any tips during our intial setup of our network monitoring?