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    Reverse Proxy Setup - IIS Windows Server 2012


      I am having trouble trying to create a reverse proxy to point to out NPM 11.5 Server. I see lots of old articles, apache setups, etc... But nothing for the latest and greatest. I apologize as I am a Unix guy and only support Windows on our Solarwinds deployment. So I am truly a noob, well not totally as I can navigate around IIS Manager / Server Manager / etc.


      So far I have installed the IIS tools via the add/remove -> turn on IIS features then I


      I then tried to implement the steps in -> Setting up a Reverse Proxy using IIS, URL Rewrite and ARR | CarlosAg Blog 


      as we have 2 SW clusters, 1 for North America and 1 Europe. But at this point I would be happy to just get the North America instance reverse proxy working.


      can anyone point me in the right direction, I wasted all day today trying different things and now I am just confused.


      Help!  LOL

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          Bumping this hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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              I don't know what you're using (or want to use) as a reverse proxy, but I was just able to successfully access NPM through Nginx configured as a reverse proxy on a CentOS box.


              Our NPM 11.0.1 is installed on Windows 2012 and I don't remember doing anything special or out of the ordinary to set the web console up. I did import our commercial wildcard SSL cert into IIS and then bound the Orion website to it for HTTPS access. I do know that if I simply try to access NPM by using https://orion.ourdomain.com, it will attempt to authenticate via NTLM (i.e. pop up a login prompt) which is not supported in Nginx. If I use https://orion.ourdomain.com/Orion/Login.aspx, it will use forms authentication by bringing up the Orion login screen and that is working just fine.



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                  Did you have more then one Orion server you were reverse proxy too?


                  We have multiple Orion instances we point to. Now my issue I am facing is this.


                  Proxy 1: /OrionNA -> serverA.com

                  Proxy 2: /Orion -> serverB.com


                  I see all javascript/css & other assets are a relative path of  /orion  - well since both instances both have the same relative paths and I can not change the name of that directory the web server could send the request down path A or B and then the asp pages fail if it differs from the source server.


                  Hard to explain its just the fact that both instances have the exact same relative paths for assets.



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