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    Hirschmann Version Report


      Hello guys


      i hope this is the right place for it


      im very new to programming KiwiCat 3

      It would bi very nice when i can have your help, because i can't find an answer in the Internet.


      I have an Activitie in KiwiCat (cattools3.10.0) that makes possible, to show me a Version Report on a Cisco Switch.

      I have also one for the Hirschmann Switches, but this script was made 6 years ago, and the man for this is not longer here.

      So the Report  shows up very nice, but for Hirschmann Switch type: mach102 there is no Serial NR.

      Maybe you know a hint for me, or where this could fail?


      Thank you very much.


      Here is a Picture:











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          I found the Problem,


          The mach 102 Switch doesnt have the Point in sysinfo where it is "Serial Number .................................." there is a point called "Serial Number (Backplane) ........................" and so the word "(Backplane)" is the Problem, now i have to find a solution, how i can say, if its the normal Serial nr or if its with a (Backplane) in it.