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    Login Failed for Service Account


      We have created Windows service accounts for polling Windows servers and for polling SQL Servers.  These accounts have the proper rights and should be able to poll all Windows server correctly as it works on a few thousand with no problem.

      I have SQL Server administrators telling me that one of the service account is throwing login failed errors when trying to poll two of the SQL Servers.  This leads me to believe the passwords might have been changed after these polling engines were put in place and may need changing on the pollers themselves.

      Can someone tell me where these credentials are stored on the Orion polling engines?  I've checked under Applications and Services with no luck and decided they had to be stored in the application database.

      There is no problem that i can see on any other servers being polled.

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          Jan Pelousek

          Hi, I believe you refer to WMI credentials. If you wan't to change some of them globally for nodes using specific credentials set, you can do that via Credential manager in Settings section.


          For particular nodes you can edit the credentials in Manage Nodes, choose them and click on Edit Node.