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    Uninstall Quicktime and create a report who has Quicktime


      Does anyone know if Patch Manager can set up a rule to go out and fine Quicktime on our network and uninstall it?

      How do I create a report who has Qucktime on our network?

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          First thing to do is find the machines with Quicktime installed. You'll need to run an inventory of your computers and gather information about installed applications. You can do this two ways; Deploy the WMI Providers, or enable WSUS Extended Inventory. If you're going to want to uninstall QuickTime, go with the WMI Providers. I don't know of any way to have Patch Manager automate this, but you can automate the inventory and facilitate the uninstallation. Basically, the process is:


          1. Deploy WMI Providers
          2. Schedule an inventory of your systems - Highlight Administration and Reporting, choose Inventory under Administrative Tasks. Create an inventory group, and schedule the inventory.
          3. Determine which machines have QuickTime. I use the Report WSUS Inventory - Programs and Features. You may need to enable the WSUS Extended Inventory to populate this report.
          4. Run Quicktime uninstalls from Computer Explorer for above computers. From the Computer Explorer, go to Installed Software tab, highlight software, choose Uninstall Software.

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