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    Repurpose old TriGeo LEM Dell R610, can't update BIOS?

    Denise Kuckkan

      Several years ago we transitioned from physical TriGeo LEM to SolarWinds virtual machine LEM.  We repurposed the R610 as-is to run VMware ESXi 5.0 and it's worked well since.


      I'm having trouble updating the BIOS and I wondered if anyone here had repurposed their old R610-based LEM.


      Today I wanted to update the BIOS in preparation for upgrading to ESXi 6.0.  I used the jumper to bypass the BIOS setup password. So far, so good.


      The BIOS is at 3.0.0 now.  The latest on the Dell site is 6.4.0.  They provide a version ("R610-060400C.exe") that's they say should be copied to a "DOS-bootable USB flash drive", so I downloaded a FreeDOS LiveCD ISO, added the .EXE to it, booted, and tried to run the executable, but it gives an error that said something like "can't update a ' - ' ".


      Is 3.0.0 to 6.4.0 too far a jump?  Was the old 3.0.0 proprietary to TriGeo?