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    Views Resources table in SWQL?


      Is there a complement to the Resources table from the SQL Database (dbo.Resources) in SWQL? (I cannot see anything but the Views table in the latest stable release of SWQL Studio)


      In line with this feature request (Add "Default Name" to Resources in Views ) I would like to make a temporary work around using a Custom Query Resource that would be similar to this in SQL:


      v.ViewTitle 'VIEW TITLE'
      ,r.ResourceName 'RESOURCE TYPE'
      ,r.ResourceTitle 'RESOURCE TITLE'
      ,r.ViewColumn 'VIEW COLUMN'
      ,r.Position 'VERTICAL POSITION'
      FROM Views v
      JOIN Resources r ON r.ViewID = v.ViewID
      WHERE v.ViewID = 1 
      --SWQL: WHERE v.ViewID = ${ViewID}
      ORDER BY r.ViewColumn, r.Position






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