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    Basic Alert stops working


      We have an issue where all our basic alerts stop working. Sometimes they work for a few days and sometimes they only work for a day.  All our basic alerts, send an email, txt and write to a file and all the 3 stop working.  The alert will trigger it just wont send the notification.  This happens on ALL our Basic Alerts. We just recently upgraded to 11 and the issue still occurs.  Yes, I know I should be using Advanced Alerts and I'm going to migrate, but we have thousands of nodes and tons of Basic Alerts.  Basic ALerts are supported, but support can't get it fixed.  I've tried every Thwack article out there and nothing helps (there is one to delete a reg key and another to register a dll). 


      My question is someone else has to have seen this.  Like I said the only way to fix it is to reboot the server.



      Any help is much appreciated