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    Cisco Flash File report - how to filter on devices that DON'T have a file on flash


      I am working on upgrading IOS on about 800 2960 switches.  Unfortunately right now they are on various versions so I have run into some space issues.  I created a few jobs that checked the running IOS and based on that deleted all other IOS on flash.  Now I need to push out again my code but I don't want to blanket push it since right now I have about 75 left to do out of a group of 300.  I wanted to know if there is a way I can write a report that lists flash contents only IF a particular code is non-existent on the flash.  I was able to get one that listed only the file I am looking for but that is kind of the opposite of what I am looking for.


      so if file xyz.bin does NOT exist, list in report (really only need node name).