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    Starting with Patch Manager - Adobe Reader Question


      We've recently installed Patch Manager and have started testing with a small group of PC's to see what we can push out and how.

      I thought I'd start simple, Adobe Reader


      We have 4 machines in out test group.


      3 of them have Adobe reader 11.0.x and one of the machines doesn't have it installed at all.

      In our 3rd Part Packages section on PM there are lots of Adobe Reader updates 11.0.01-11.0.15 and several for the new Adobe Reader DC.


      Perhaps I've fallen at the first hurdle configuration wise but I can't seem to get the machines to all update to 11.0.15. In testing so far the updates have shown as "not applicable" unless I publish the one after the version that they are on.

      So if a machine was 11.0.13 and I publish and approve 11.0.14 then that machine will get the update fine but if 11.0.15 is published and approved then the machine doesn't get the update until I publish and approve all the ones before it.

      Is that right?

      If that's the case I'm going to end up with having to have 15 different install files on the server all approved and published just for Adobe Reader.

      I also can't get any of them to take the DC update which is on version 15.010.20060 and in our list they all show as "upgrade" and so the device that has nothing installed doesn't get any of them.


      I'm hoping this is just something that I'm doing wrong from the offset.


      Thanks for any assistance.