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    WHD and Patch Management


      I do not use WHD for assets but was wondering if anyone is using it to inventory servers and do some kind of patch management.  I've recently been handed the responsibility of organizing our patching and all I was given was a spreadsheet.  I'm looking for a way to track all our servers and then do recurring patch scheduling since we try to get through all patching once a quarter.  I'm not really concerned what patches they need since thats reviewed during the patch window but to be able to look at a schedule and see what servers are on deck for patching this weekend is key.  I have a feeling WHD cannot do this so if anyone is using something else that meets these requirements I'd love to hear about it.

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          Steve Dolinsky

          kjette I use Outlook for recurring events. However, in WHD you can create a new group called "maintenance", create a request type called "Maintenance" and create a custom date field for  your scheduled date.


          Then, you could view all of these in chronological order by viewing the Maintenance group calendar. Obviously this is very dependent on the amount of servers you have, but if you're just looking for "Patch Server X", schedule a date, and add the required patches to the request details you can use the method above.

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            For maintenance things, I do something similar to what was suggested above, but I have recurring tickets that generate once a month. Where I think you'll run into an issue using WHD is that you can't do a recurring ticket for anything greater than a month. So you can't have it create a ticket every 3 months or something like that.

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                You can have a Task recur on a schedule > 1 month by setting it to Monthly and then choosing a number > 1:

                2016-04-22 10_21_29-Web Help Desk - Task Manager.png


                So, one approach would be to have 3 different Task items scheduled.   

                The first task could be scheduled to open a ticket on May 1 and recur every 3 months (and you could even set it to be opened on the second Tuesday if desired).   The second Task could be scheduled to open a ticket starting on June 1 and recur every 3 months, etc...

                Then, on the details of each Task ticket, you could edit it to include a list of servers that should be patched that month.

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                Go to settings and then tasks under request types. You can log a call automatically with the patch detail on patch tuesday, better than outlook!