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    Best way to create a manager view


      Hi All,


      Looking for some advice.  We have a senior manager who would like to have "View only" access to WebHelpDesk to see all open / pending tickets for the three Tech Groups that come under their remit. Each of the tech groups have three levels.  If I add them as a tech at all three levels of each group they will become part of the load balancing and email alert processes.  If I create them a fourth level and only place them in there they can't see the lower level open / pending jobs although they can search for open jobs but this is a bit of a pain


      Is there a more elegant way to do this?


      Also, for the original tech groups the default admin account seems to retain "level 100" access.  This level 100 doesn't seem to appear for new tech groups or be selectable for other admins / techs.  What is secret level 100?