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    Why does NTA not support connecting to FSDB behind NAT


      Hi guys,


      I've come across this new problem today.


      We've got 10 polling engines deployed, 4 of which are behind NAT'ed addresses and are getting all the Orion modules installed. These four APEs communicated with PPE and SQL just fine through the NAT'ed addresses, until I installed NTA.

      What happened then? Well, I found that NTA will use the global address of the Flow Storage Database server and does not permit editing the Flow Storage Database IP address displayed in Configuration Wizard. This means we can't use the NTA module on these APEs.

      This also means that I will never ever be able to complete Configuration Wizard since it will not allow me to continue unless it can communicate with the Flow Storage Database. So this means no upgrades, no migrations not fixing anything ever, unless I uninstall NTA from these Additional Polling Engines!


      I'd like to know whether this is how it will remain in the future, or can we expect this to work as it should, hopefully very soon?

      I can't see any issues in allowing an Additional Polling Engine to connect to a NAT'ed address, since the same Flow Storage Database would be on the other end listening.